There are many talented artistes out there with outstanding talents but lack opportunity of getting required promotion that will earn them recognition or reasonable record deal.

This was the case of Ola Dips before he got a mega Record deal with LLR/Edge Records Owned by Nigeria’s biggest Indigenous Rapper, Reminisce. Before he got the record deal that transformed his career, he has been an unknown artiste in the industry for about 4 years.

The wind of fame blew into his career when he approached Xamlexvibez seeking a strong promotion that will make him be in a somewhat competitive level with his mates, Lil Kesh, Reekado Banks and others who are already making waves in the industry as at that time.

Because of our passion for serious upcoming artiste like Ola Dips, we decided to put up a killer promotional strategy that will give him an easy way up in the industry & Yes, It works!!!

Our Social Media Buzz package kick-started the Ola Dips promotional campaign, we built a consistent Online buzz/hype around his songs and the brand Ola Dips which boosted his social media presence and got people talking about him everywhere on social media.

At this point, his followership on instagram, Twitter and Facebook skyrocketed from rather low stats to a higher celebrity standard statistics. The social media buzz/hype involved consistent and well planned promotional posts across all our social media.

Our Constant Controversial Posts about Ola dips generated many questions concerning his brand name So, we decided to clear the air about the new rapper who have been making wave on social media. In doing this, we cooked up an interesting Feature Articles about him on Xamlexvibez and that actually sold out the brand Ola Dips.

This article contained his biography and talent including a redirecting link to all the songs he released when he was still unknown. It was amazing how music lovers stormed Xamlexvibez music page in search of Ola Dips song to have a better feel of his talent.

Meanwhile, Xamlexvibez simplified the search for Ola Dips songs by adopting the Sticky Post promotional plan. Music lovers who already got interested in the brand Ola Dips got his songs downloaded at ease when we pinned his song to the Top of our website almost every week. This means, even when 50 or more articles are posted in a day, the song still remains at the top of the site. We have use this strategy to give killer hits & downloads to many songs from various artiste

However, the successes recorded from all the strategies explained in this article e.g (The Social Media Buzz, Featured Post and Sticky post) took Ola Dips promotional campaign to the next level. It was at this point we made his song our Music of the Week on Xamlexvibez.

The star in him was born when we finally made his song The Music of the Week This means that, our Music/Video of the week is promotional strategy that enjoys huge fans acceptance. Over the years, any song we put up as Music Of The Week gain more downloads not only because of the Music of The Week status conferred on it but it’s appearance on every single page of the site gives the song a wider reach.

Xamlexvibez has 120 million pageviews monthly, this means as Music of the week his song would have enjoyed 30 million page views that week. Isn’t that enough to make a song spread like wildfire?

All these and many more are the promotional plans executed by Xamlexvibez which got Ola Dips to stardom.

What are you waiting for? We can also help you change your status from an Upcoming Artistes to Star Act in the industry.

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