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OPINION: Baba Ijesha Rape Case – Both The Accusers & The Accused Are Guilty (See How)

Overview Of: OPINION: Baba Ijesha Rape Case – Both The Accusers & The Accused Are Guilty (See How)


Mind you, I’m not supporting anyone, I don’t even know them untill few days ago..I’m not a rape apologist.

Since y’all are still talking about this, my take is as follows:


The girl’s mother is an insensitive OLODO and coud be jailed for “Entrapment”. Entrapment is an act of inducing a person to commit a crime that the person would have otherwise been unlikely or unwilling to commit.


I heard that the suspect Baba Ijesha had an illicit affair with the child’s mother “Princess” in the past, unknown to Princess that her boyfriend Baba Ijesha took advantage of his access to her house, to sexually molest her adopted daughter. When she got wind of this, she decided to set Baba Ijesha up with a minor, to teach him a lesson.


Hmmm! Someone raped your daughter at 7, and you foolishly invited same person 7yrs later to rape her again all in the name of gathering evidences? I doubt if that girl is her biological daughter. No sane mother will do such thing.


How sure she was raped for real at age 7? Or could this be a revenge over a failed relationship between Princess and Baba Ijesha? Was the little girl used as an object for blackmail? WHAT IF!🤔


According to her testimonies, the victim always scream whenever she sees Baba Ijesha on TV, yet she invited same man to the house, lock em up with the little girl? Crazy! She didn’t think of the emotional trauma and stigma on the poor girl already?


Okay she wanted evidences, why not wait for more 4yrs, she should be 18(adult) by then. I heard she is threatening to sue PUNCH and other news outlets that posted the video. Why? Is that not what she wanted in the first evidence to show the whole world that her daughter was truly raped? Yeye dey smell.🚶


In the Western countries, the little girl can sue the mother years later for this. What if something worse had happened to her?


I know what’s in your mind right now. How else would she have gotten evidences to charge him with? It’s very simple!


Install cameras, not necessarily CCTV because CCTV footage doesn’t a good audio sound. She should’ve installed cameras, invite him over, and confront him directly. He will surely confess or say something long he actually raped the little girl 7yrs ago, he must say something! A guilty conscience can’t hide. Besides, he wouldn’t know there’s camera.


Using a minor to gather evidence is wrong and equally a criminal offence!


Secondly, the video evidence, look scripted. Like of the regular Nollywood movies. How come all the adults in the living room started leaving the moment he(Baba Ijesha) stepped in? Are they part of the plan too? How come he started molesting the little girl immediately the door was shut, and never bother if anyone would come in?🤔

C’mon guys, nobody would do such a thing not even a chronic rapist, he would wait for awhile. The very moment the girl’s mom shut the door, boom he started licking and kissing. He didn’t bother if anyone else could maybe be in the kitchen, toilet or room. In a house that is not his? Lol funny!


Okay let’s say the footage wasn’t scripted. If the video wasn’t staged, that means the two(Baba Ijesha & the little girl) have been fvcking even after the first rape occurred. Or didn’t y’all see how free he was with the girl? And how free he was in the house? He even went to the kitchen to get something for himself!


Something ain’t right in that footage. Perhaps, they’ve been doing for a very long time, maybe the little girl is tired already and couldn’t take it any longer and decided to blow it up to the mom/guardian. Hmmm!


Anyways, the whole thing is messed up now. She wanted a rape evidence, but what I saw in the video is sexual harassment, not rape. How is she gonna charge him for rape with that? He can only get charged/sentence for few years for sexual harassment on a minor. He might even go free! This is NIGERIA remember.🤦


I’m worried. Thousands of girl/boy child passes through this on daily basis. Sexual harassment/molestation from adults. Some can’t speak up because nobody would believe them. SAD REALITY.🤦


Smiles. You know, like Rick Ross said, “God Forgives. I Don’t”. Same thing with me Richard Idasenibo. I believe in humanity, love and kindness. I don’t practice any religion or hope for any Heavenly rewards or mansion, so there’s nothing to emotionally blackmail me with. If you mess with my child, I’m fvcking pulling the trigger on cap.


Forgiveness and judgment ain’t for me but for God. I can only help you fast track the process by sending you to Him on time.


Baba Ijesha is a rapist, FULL STOP.


I feel for the little girl. May justice prevail. May God see her through all these. AMEN!




Baba Ijesha Rape Case – Both The Accusers & The Accused Are Guilty

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Published: 1 year ago

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